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Three Cheers for Bibi, Patron Saint of Hangovers


Local beverage company Bibi, formerly Before Elixir, today announced its summer lineup of three new alcohol detox drinks, which prevent, as well as eliminate, hangovers, in addition to reducing redness from facial flushing when drinking. Each drink is two ounces and contains more active ingredients than any other hangover product, making these drinks the most compact and effective detox shots on the market and something you and your liver will appreciate!

What makes Bibi different from other hangover products is its carefully selected and tested ingredients. Nightcap, a hangover aid, contains DHM, a compound found in the oriental raisin tree plant that is the most powerful hangover-preventing plant in the world. It is clinically proven to remove acetaldehyde (the toxin that causes hangovers) from your body. Nightcap also contains milk thistle which flushes toxins from your liver; magnesium to sleep; and Vitamins B6 and B12 to provide energy for the following day.

Bibi’s line also includes Morning After, the first ever product designed to relieve hangovers. Morning After contains activated charcoal, a highly effective detoxifying ingredient; 5-HTP, which improves your mood to get rid of those irritable mornings; ginger extract to alleviate nausea; and Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant.

Last in the Bibi lineup but far from least is Lighten Up, a revolutionary drink that prevents flushing and hot flashes caused from consuming alcohol. This condition known as “Alcohol Flush,” or “Asian glow/Irish tan” affects 70% of people from East Asian descent and is common among Irish or Scottish people. Lighten Up is taken prior to consuming alcohol and removes toxins from the body that cause flushing.

To further differentiate from the competition, Bibi is natural and uses no artificial flavors, sweeteners or added color – a claim few other hangover products can make. For the sugar and health conscious drinkers out there, each drink is only 15 calories and includes monk fruit, a natural zero-calorie sweetener.

When asked why she created Bibi, Founder and CEO Jen Du explains, “Drinking is a big part of our social lives, but for me it was painful and awkward. Drinking gave me terrible hangovers and turned my whole body bright red. While everyone else was having a good time, I felt excluded from the fun. I knew there had to be a solution to this problem. That’s why I created Bibi.” Du goes on to say, “When I looked at what was out there, none of the products resonated with me. Everything looked very medicinal and serious. So I wanted to make something fun and playful. I think being the only female founder in this category helps me bring a different perspective.”

The branding of Bibi detox beverages is vibrant and colorful. Each bottle’s color reflects the time of day during which you’re supposed to drink it. The names Nightcap, Morning After, and Lighten Up are cheeky and playful, much like the people who’ll be drinking them.

About Bibi

Aptly named, “Bibi” is short for Bibiana, the Patron Saint of hangovers. Bibi’s heavenly influence can be seen in a set of wings and halo wrapped around each bottle. Bibi launched its product this month on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. To check out the progress visit

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